Drifting, and How to Avoid It

All of us, at times in our lives, drift from God. It tends to happen when we become too comfortable with our situation and put God on the back burner. It’s a bit like driving on a long trip. After a while, you find you are slowly becoming exhausted and struggle to stay awake. At one point, you may start drifting off the road without noticing. You quickly catch yourself drifting and continue until you get to your destination. This happens on a spiritual level too.

Not long ago, I had a similar driving experience. I had my children in the back seat, so I felt even more of a need to stay awake and aware. Right after I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit telling me to stay alert, I passed a sign saying the same thing. Praise God, we made it home safely, but it was a struggle to keep from drifting on that drive.

Just like me thinking of my children in the car, you have to think about other people sometimes when you begin to feel yourself spiritually drifting. There are many people who are watching you in your relationship with Christ. Sinners and new believers alike are wanting to see the real deal when it comes to Christianity. Of course, you also need to keep from drifting for your own spiritual health, so you can watch for the enemy and stay strong.

There are many signs to watch for when you begin drifting:

  • Losing interest in godly things
  • Having more interest in things of the world
  • Less of a prayer life
  • Less interest in the Bible
  • Staying too busy to do the things of God
  • Getting too comfortable to rely on Him
  • Becoming so overwhelmed, you consider giving up
  • Becoming prideful or lustful

It’s important to always be mindful of your own spiritual life. Have a regular examination of your spiritual life to see if you are drifting or drawing closer to God.