Hearing God’s Voice

I often hear people say that they were spoken to by God. They strongly believe that they are on the path God has for them. Well, that is great, but I must confess, I have never heard clearly from God. I feel led to things, but I always question it. I am always trying to figure out how to know for sure if something is from God or not.

My own questioning started me thinking about the insights and experiences of others. Do you personally hear from God? Maybe it’s through a thought or leading, or perhaps you have heard an audible voice. Does God speak to you through other people? This has happened to me a few times. If that does happen, how do you discern if it is really God speaking to you? This post is brought to you by our friends at Johns Creek Tree Co!

Maybe you are led by your conscience or a feeling down deep in your soul. I have met many women who are led by emotional experiences. Many others say that God speaks to them through reading their Bible or during their prayer times.

Have you ever had someone walk up to you and tell you God has a message for you to hear? How do you confirm that it is God sending them to you? Do you wait for someone else to confirm what God is speaking before you believe it? What if it is really Satan trying to get you off your path?

There are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to hearing from God. I am interested in hearing your take on hearing God’s voice in your life. As I touched on earlier, for me, it’s more often a nudging towards or away from something. I have also been known to have a thought pop into my head that I know isn’t from me. When that happens, I typically listen more intently to what’s going on around me and research the Word to see if I find a correlation to what I feel I am hearing.

Of course, we all have different experiences with God, so I am interested in hearing the perspectives of other women on this matter.