Jesus and Social Media

Social media is everywhere these days. Back twenty years ago, the main form of online communication was email. These days, we often despise opening our email accounts, thanks to spam.

There are so many other forms of online communication these days, and almost everyone around is connected online. That brings so many benefits to our world when connecting with others, but there are many downsides too. We all too often respond in a way that offends others on social media. The Bible talks about this very thing in Matthew 12:36. Though it isn’t specifically about social media (something I’m sure they never dreamed of then), it pertains to our social media lives, stating that we will have to give account for idly spoken words.

So, would Jesus use social media? Jesus never spoke idle words. It wasn’t His style of communication. In fact, Jesus often stayed quiet when he wanted to make a point. For instance, when John the Baptist stated that he shouldn’t baptize Jesus because he was unworthy, Jesus simply said that it must be done. Jesus simply demanded obedience.

Jesus also never persuaded his disciples to follow Him. He didn’t have to explain the benefits or coax them into following. He simply told them to follow Him and He would teach them how to fish for men. They followed Him because they knew of His reputation and life. Jesus didn’t need to use a bunch of words.

How about when the adulterous woman was brought by the Pharisees to Jesus? Jesus simply wrote in the sand then told the men that the one without sin should cast the first stone and they left. After the accusers left, Jesus didn’t preach a sermon to the woman about what she did wrong, but simply forgave her and insisted she go and sin no more.

Looking at the above examples, do you think Jesus would use social media? I think He would. Jesus’ desire was to reach the world, though I’m sure He did so more carefully than most of us do on social media. In fact, I’m certain that Jesus must grieve when we misuse social media to hurt others. Not seeing our audience face to face is no excuse to not follow biblical principles.